Caravan Captain C208

Air Cargo Carriers
May 15, 2023
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Job Type


IMPORTANT:  To be considered for this position you must be willing to work in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Training is in San Juan, Puerto Rico and lasts 3-5 weeks. Projected start date is 2/13/2023.

You will be a full-time Captain with our Caravan fleet after training.  As a Captain you are responsible for flight preparation and completion, maintaining flight logs, and more as assigned by dispatch. This is a rewarding fast-paced job where additional duties can be assigned by the Chief Pilot or Director of Operations.



  • Ensures that cargo is loaded properly and ensures the timely delivery of cargo.
  • Safely maneuver the aircraft during all phases of flight; monitor all flight conditions including weather and cargo safety and verify go/no-go decision; verify fuel requirements and related weather variables and ensure proper loading; make alternate destination decisions when the intended destination is unavailable.
  • Maintain command in all situations as they arise due to unexpected circumstances during the flight; ensure proper communication with stations, towers, flight controllers and dispatchers during the flight; file all reports required by the FAA and report any unusual aircraft behavior or performance to dispatch or maintenance personnel; properly record flight-hours in conjunction with Dispatch and adhere to FAA rest requirements and company directives.
  • In coordination with others, maintain familiarity and knowledge of applicable changes in regulations and procedures concerning the safe operation of all company aircraft; maintain thorough knowledge of all Air Cargo Carrier policies, procedures, manuals, handbooks and protocol; serve as a positive, constructive and communicative leader for the company and its customers.
  • Other related duties as assigned

Education Requirements

  • High school diploma or GED

Experience Requirements

  • Please note you must meet all requirements to be considered.
    • 1200 total hours
    • 500 hours cross country
    • 100 hours night
    • 75 hours instrument
    • FCC restricted radiotelephone operator permit- Required.


  • Commercial Single-Engine and Instrument Rating
  • Valid US Passport
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident who has resided in the U.S. for 5 years
  • You must be able to verify your previous employment dates for a 10-year period, with each past employer as per our USPS postal route contact requirements if you have been working that long