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USDA Forestry Service Pilot Training

Did you know that we help train USDA Forestry Service pilots?
Our partnership originally began with the Forestry Service a few years ago when we began expanding our incredible training program within the SD3 (Shorts Aircraft) Community. When the full motion simulator at Flight Safety was deactivated, Edsel Burks, management, and the training department here at ACC provided and still provide Shorts operators globally with a simple solution–world class training.
It is an incredible honor that we get to train the USDA Forestry Service pilots, as they are some of the most fearless and selfless individuals in the aviation industry.
The Missoula, Montana, Forestry Service branch, or better known as Region 1, hosts an incredible operation for USDA FS Smokejumpers that jump out of their SD3-60 Sherpa aircraft to fight and maintain intense forest and wildfires.
The Shorts 360 Sherpa is an incredibly reliable aircraft that compliments and embodies the work ethic and style of the Forestry Service, the common nickname for the aircraft in Missoula is the “Sky Pig” for its hardnosed appearance and resilience.
Region 1 also partakes in forestry health and management missions, and the pilots fly alongside the men and women who lay down their lives every mission they partake in.
This past week, ACC’s very own Edsel Burks and Zac Webster got to witness and learn about the rigorous training program to become a firefighter/Missoula Smokejumper, and train two Smokejumper Pilots. As per the pictures, the scenery wasn’t all that bad either.
Today, we work closely with a few different regions within the Forestry Service that still operate Shorts Aircraft for their own Smokejumper operations. Another location is Region 6, in Redmond, Oregon. We have supplied training to multiple companies and government agencies within the Shorts Community and will continue to offer a sustainable and reliable training program to all operators of Shorts aircraft.