Our Beginnings

Air Cargo Carriers was established in 1986 with a stated aim of providing aircraft in freight operations to service non-trunk population centers with the same bulk capacity and container capability as had been available only in larger markets.

Air Cargo began flying 3,500 lb. capacity Shorts Skyvan aircraft and grew to a fleet of 5 such aircraft. Starting in 1990, Shorts SD3-30 aircraft were added to the fleet. Even larger capacity Shorts 360’s were introduced into Air Cargo operations in 1995. The Skyvans have been phased out over time by moving them to an airline that is associated with Air Cargo Carriers. This airline, North Star Air Cargo, operates the aircraft but Air Cargo Carriers provides operating assistance in the form of dispatching, spares provisioning and other services. This has been an advantage to Air Cargo as North Star has been able to inaugurate routes with lower volumes than Air Cargo operates with the larger Shorts 330’s and 360’s. As volumes grow on the routes it is an easy upgrade to the larger 330’s and 360’s.