Milwaukee Avionics and Instruments

Milwaukee Avionics and Instruments was founded in 1994 and continues to grow. MAI has a very knowledgeable staff on hand and many years of general aviation and Shorts SD3 equipment experience.

Milwaukee Avionics and Instruments currently provides the following diversity of Services:

Unlimited Avionics/Radio Rating:
Class 1: Communication
Class 2: Navigation
Class 3: Radar

Unlimited Instrument Rating:
Class 1: Mechanical
Class 2: Electrical
Class 3: Gyroscopic
Class 4: Electronic

For Avionics/Instrument repair or exchange assistance please contact Mike Rodenkirch at:  414-482-1711  EXT. 7117.

Milwaukee Avionics and Instruments has the capability to certify you non-RVSM aircraft altimeter and/or transponder system per Part 43 Appendix E and F.

For additional questions about our capability’s or to schedule service please contact Jeff Majchrzak at: 414-769-0602 or Pat Engelmann at: 414-559-7832.

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Manufacturers Supported

22 years of Service - Milwaukee Avionics & Instruments