First Officer Pilot Jobs

Air Cargo Carriers, LLC is an organization that prides itself on safety, hard work, and dedication to our reputable customers by hiring the industry’s best candidates. Our organization thrives on employee development both in and outside of the cockpit and the Air Cargo Carriers First Officer position hosts a unique opportunity to build your careers with one of the industry’s top Part 135 air operators. We certainly encourage you to submit your application which can be found below.


Please read all of the below information carefully and follow our application process as it stated. Following the instructions is the first step in the screening process to be considered a future candidate for upcoming FO seats available.

NOTE: Qualified Applicants will not be contacted via phone by the recruitment department until they have been selected for an interview opportunity.


  • You must be a US Citizen or a Permanent resident who has resided in the US for 5 yrs.  (Due to our customers’ requirements, there are no exceptions to this qualification).
  • You must have a Commercial Multi Engine and Instrument  Rating,
  • You must have a valid US passport
  • You must be able to verify your previous employment dates for a 10 yr. period with each past employer, as per our USPS postal route contract requirements if you have been working that long.
  • You must be willing to relocate as FO candidates are not promised a base location before hiring and open base availability it is not always known at the beginning of a Ground School.
  • You must upload a resume with a complete 10-year work history, if applicable. Your resume must include past non-aviation jobs within that timeframe) with month and dates of employment or school dates.
  • All of the application questions must be completed in its entirety.


The selection order for Qualified FO Candidates on the waiting list for an interview opportunity is:

By Total Time in the following order:

  1. 800 TT to 1100 + TT by the date of their initial application
  2. 500 TT to 800 TT by the date of their initial application
  3. Below 500 TT are selected by the date of their initial application for any remaining openings


Once the interview schedule is opened, the selected candidates are notified via email to set up a vetting phone interview with the recruiter and to answer any questions at that time.


Please read the application carefully.  Make sure if required you have uploaded all documents requested if applicable and your resume.

Please Fill Out your Application HERE: