Welcome Future Captains and First Officers

Welcome Air Cargo Carriers future Captains and First Officers!

See Us At the EAA

Air Cargo Carriers is heading to the EAA!

Visit Us at Booth C-27 in the Education Career Center.

Need tickets? Purchase them here: https://www.eaa.org/en/airventure/eaa-airventure-tickets

Happy 4th Of July From Air Cargo Carriers!

Happy Memorial Day From Air Cargo Carriers

Honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our Freedom.  Happy Memorial Day from Air Cargo Carriers


SD3 In Cabin

Air Cargo Carriers SD3 In Cabin Photo – Photo submitted by Air Cargo Carriers Captain Kelly Konie.


Our April 23rd Ground School

Air Cargo Carriers welcomes our April 23rd Ground School Class!  ACC is excited to have 9 Attendees for our 3 Ground School of 2018.  Also pictured,  Director of Training Matt Mattison and Air Cargo Carriers Captain David Klemenhagen.

“Spring” in Travers City, MI

“Spring” in Travers City, MI (TVC).  Photo submitted by Newly Upgraded Captain James “Nibbles” Nizinski.

Morning on the Horizon

Morning on the Horizon submitted by Captain Kelly Konie of Air Cargo Carriers

Snowy Night at MKE by First Officer James Nizinski

Snowy Night at MKE. Mechanic Micky taking care of one of our Shorts. Photo submitted by First Officer James Nizinski.