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Hurricane Paloma hit Cayman Brac and Little Cayman early on November 8th

Hurricane Paloma hit Cayman Brac and Little Cayman early on November 8th as a category 4 storm. Cayman Brac was hit the hardest and over 90% of the buildings there suffered significant damage. Several local business owners in the Caymans, in cooperation with a nationally known home building supply chain, donated generators and chainsaws to the people of “Le Brac” as the locals there call it. Another prominent individual in Grand Cayman donated the money to have these supplies flown from Georgetown, Texas. We delivered the first load of generators to Cayman Brac on November 12th and flew back to the States.

The call came a day later for us to pick up and deliver another load of generators along with some chainsaws. After loading the cargo in GTU, we made our way down to Grand Cayman to clear customs inbound, get fuel, and then continued on to Cayman Brac to deliver the cargo. As we continued to meet local officials on Cayman Brac, we discovered that they needed our plane and services to ferry much needed building supplies from Grand Cayman to Cayman Brac.

ACC donated some flight time and fuel to help the Cayman Fire Department get some Ice and Water shield rolls, Fiber Rock, and insulation delivered quickly to Cayman Brac so they can begin repairs to the high school. We also ferried a full load of donated supplies from local Grand Cayman businesses to Cayman Brac, including much needed food. The whole experience was extremely rewarding for me as I’ve been through several hurricanes myself while growing up in Louisiana. I’ve experienced first hand the damage and hardships caused by these storms and I was honored to be able to help out.

I wish to pass along to all ACC Employees the heart-felt gratitude of everyone in the Caymans. We were welcomed like family and thanked with hugs and home cooked meals. It felt great to be able to help and it gave me more meaning to the Thanksgiving holidays this year.

Captain Michael Lane