Evolution program - Pro Pilot Course

Air Cargo Carriers is proud to provide our pilot Evolution Program!

ACC is a proud partner with Westfield Flight Academy and their Pro Pilot course which could land you a position as First Officer with ACC in as little as 6 months! Air Cargo Carriers can not only help you gain invaluable experience as a pilot but we also partner with Omni Air International to help you achieve your aviation goals. Imagine yourself progressing from a Cessna to Shorts SD3 to a Boeing 777! Evolution program can benefit all entry levels, apply today to see where Air Cargo Carriers can take your career!

My Name is Jared Ford and I used the flow-through agreement between Air Cargo and Omni Air International. I started at ACC as a street captain and after my two year anniversary ACC passed on my information to Omni and I was interviewing within a week. A week after the interview I got the official invitation to ground school and I am now a 777 First Officer with Omni. I was amazed at how fast everything moved. From the Shorts to the 777, I now have joined with the other ACC crewmembers at Omni. I still don’t really believe it.

”Zero to Hero

As so many before and after me, I started in the right seat of the Shorts 360 as a First-Officer, this was my first Commercial-Pilot job. The transition from flight school, to part-135 was tough, but with a good study habit, I successfully completed Ground-school/Simulator and achieved my first Type Rating.

It was hard work, but I was grateful to be getting paid to do what I love, while having fun!

After 2 years with Air Cargo Carriers, as part of the pathway program, Omni Air International extended me an interview, it was nerve racking because I knew what was at stake, the possibility to fly a 767 or a 777!

The Interviewer said “for you coming from the Shorts, the 767 is like an elephant and the only way you can eat an elephant is one bite at a time. The 777 is an even bigger and more automated elephant- so which one do you want to fly?” I reflected on my decisions to get to that point and said “if they are both big, I will not know the difference- let’s go fly the 777” he smiled and informed me that I got the job.

So once more I was back in ground-school, but this time for the world’s largest twin-jet.

Thanks to a good work ethic, study habits, stick-and-rudder skills, diligent instructors and common sense, I passed all my training with no extra sessions, and Check-ride with no failure.

I thank Air Cargo Carriers for assisting me from new hire FO to Boeing 777 pilot while giving me the tools to be successful.

Keep your heads up high Freight Dawgs, and don’t let anyone say you are not good enough.“

-Christian W. Sobers