Rescue Dog Charter

On August 1st, 2017 Air Cargo Carriers, LLC was sent on a special mission by Paws from Paradise to rescue several dogs from the Island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. These 17 dogs would have been euthanized if not adopted.


Kara Kiernan, ACC Dispatch Lead and Paws from Paradise Representatives worked together to coordinate all necessary arrangements for Air Cargo Carriers to fly the 17 dogs to San Juan, Puerto Rico where they were all then loaded onto other participating airlines bound for the United States going to 9 different cities.


In this mission of puppy love, Paws from Paradise was able to give each dog, a better chance of living a full life by increasing their chances of being adopted by a loving family.


Air Cargo Carriers is so honored that we were able to participate in helping these animals for this wonderful organization.


Pictured:  First Officer Nikita Lukovnikov and one of Paws from Paradise’s transports.

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