Air Cargo Carriers at the EAA Event in Oshkosh

Our Booth at the EAA AirVenture

We would like to thank everyone for visiting our Booth in the Career Tent!  It was awesome speaking to old friends and acquaintances and not to mention all the new friends we spoke with about Air Cargo Carriers, LLC.
Our Booth at EAA Air Venture 2018 in Oshkosh, WI was represented by Chief Pilot Luke McGrath, Director of Training Matthew Mattison, President / Director of Ops Steve Altnau, HR Recruiter Tracy Harris, MRC/QC Administrator Timothy Phillip, and First Officer James Nizinski

Thank you to the MKE set up / take down crew who did an awesome job getting us ready!

James Nizinski First Officer in San Juan Puerto Rico …shared “EAA was hands down a success. It truly seems that the secret of Air Cargo Carriers is rapidly spreading. With multiple interested pilots stating “Air Cargo Carriers is the best offer here for those looking to build a successful career” it shows we are progressing in the right direction. I was thankful to meet as well as work alongside Tracy who really created the spark amongst career tent visitors and I was proud to not only represent ACC, but represent the Puerto Rico pilot force who works very hard to keep our customers happy”.

Tracy Harris HR Recruiter…shares “It was exciting to see the looks on inquirers faces when we all shared about working at Air Cargo Carriers, LLC.  I am excited to keep letting people know we are there and want solid talent to work for us!”
Our next Career event will be announced soon!  Check back often!